August 23rd, 2010

The Polar Fleece Milky Way Chibis have finally landed into the homes of Lilith and Tracy Romig, Ashley Thorton, and Lori Francz. Congratulations, once again, goes to these Space Cadets who won the SUMMER SALE/ CHIBI CONTEST.

From what we hear, the Chibis have adjusted nicely to their new environment and have even made some new friends that have girlactically familiar faces. Check out the pics of our contest winners!

Keep your sensors locked to these coordinates— more contests are only a few light years away!

End Communication–



August 4th, 2010

Congratulations go to recruits Lilith Romig of Pottstown, PA; Ashley Thornton of Dover, NJ; and Lori Francz of Eden, NY!

These MWGG Space Cadets are the winners of the Milky Way Polar Fleece Chibi Contest! The Chibis have been shipped out at warp speed, and should be docking into their new homes shortly. Thanks again to everyone who entered.

Missed out on the contest? Bummed out you didn’t win? Well don’t get too bummed. More Interstellar Contests will be coming your way soon. So keep check back to the website and the blog for more contests, updates on the gGirls, and all that encompasses the ever expanding Girlaxy.

Over and Out!

Mother Earth


July 19th, 2010

There are 3 hand-made, 15 inch, polar fleece Milky Way CHIBI DOLLS that need a home here on Earth. Wouldn’t you like to be a celestial caretaker for one of these cosmic cuties?

Well if the answer is yes, then you only have TWO MORE DAYS to enter yourself into the MWGG Summer Chibi Contest and win a Milky Way Chibi made by creator Lauren Faust.

Contest, and the 25% off all T-Shirts, comes to an end on July 21st. So don’t delay. Grab $15 worth of merchandise from the MWGG Webstore, or buy a plush doll @, and enter today before this deal disappears into the black cosmic void of space time continuum…

For more details on the contest: click here.


July 7th, 2010

Incoming transmission relay from MWGG Central Control…

Don’t forget that the Tshirt Sale/ Chibi Contest is still in full affect. 25% off on all Adult and Kid MWGG Tshirts will remain in Earth’s orbit for only two more weeks.

And remember, $15 worth of merchandise purchased at the MWGG Webstore (or purchase of MWGG Plush Doll at*) enters you into the Polar Fleece Chibi Contest. These chibis are hand-sewn by creator Lauren Faust and, with its own certificate of authenticity, will sure to become a girlactically rare collector’s item.

So don’t wait much longer. These summer savings wont last much long and these 3 Chibis need an intergirlactic planetary home.

* Those who purchase a doll at must send proof of purchase to Mother Earth to be entered into the contest.

For more info on the contest click here.

End Communication–



June 30th, 2010

Dudettes, check it. Keeping ones karma in line is super important, and one of the best ways to do that is to maintain a healthy, well balanced, all natural diet. But like most of us, my sweet tooth needs to be appeased!

So I jumped into my hybrid powered Solar Wagon and traveled the universe in an effort to find healthy treats that would satisfy mind, body, soul, and my need for chocolate. And during my trip out, I found exactly what I was looking for on Earth at a chill little place called Vela Delight.

Vela Delight specializes in cookies, candies, pastry, cupcakes, and even more cupcakes- oh my! And they can be made to have 0% TransFat, 0% Sodium, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and even more amazing- they can make’ em VEGAN! Both yin and yang will be happy tonight.

An even bigger mind-blower is that these karma friendly treats are made by a 14 year old pastry chef and entrepreneur, Daijuna Corin. Daijuna began her culinary studies at age 9 by adding spices and homemade extracts to pre-packaged cake mixes to help bolster their flavor. In the years following, she started developing her own recipes in a tiny kitchen in her parent’s pad, and in 2008, with the help of family and friends, Daijuna started the internet-based cupcake company- Vila Delight Pasteries.

As if these super-psychedelic accomplishments weren’t enough, Daijuna is also a savvy, soul conscious philanthropist! After her brother was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, Daijuna made tasty cookie recipes that were low in sodium for her brother to enjoy. Expanding on her brain-child, Daijuna created Cookies for Kidneys to encourage more research, awareness, and treatment for FSGS.

For more info, check out Vila Delight Pasteries website and find out how you can get your hands on some tasty treats made with 100% love and good karma. They can ship overnight all across the United States and Canada. Too bad they can’t make deliveries to Jupiter… yet.

Peace Out,



June 22nd, 2010

Summer is officially here! And with this commencement of the summer solstice comes a SIZZLIN’ hot T-SHIRT SALE brought to you by your friends at MWGG Central Control.

Adult and Kids T-Shirts (originally priced @ $20) are now available at the MWGG Webstore for only 15 bucks! With savings at 25%, you couldn’t find a better deal even at zero gravity!

Is this sale too hot for you to handle? Well to keep things cool, we’re also having an exclusive MWGG POLAR FLEECE CHIBI CONTEST. Three lucky winners will win a hand-made, 15 inch, polar fleece Milky Way Chibi, designed and hand-sewn by creator Lauren Faust. These Chibis are not available in stores (yet) and will come with its very own certificate of authenticity.

All you need to do to enter the contest is purchase $15 worth of merchandise* at the MWGG Webstore or buy a MWGG Plush Doll online at Those who purchase a doll at need only send proof of purchase to Mother Earth to be entered into the contest.

The T-SHIRT SALE and CONTEST will run until July 21st. Winners will be notified the following weekend.

Over and Out!

Mother Earth

*does not include shipping and handling.


May 24th, 2010

SEB as seen from Earth

Dudes.  I’m afraid today’s post isn’t as groovy as usual.  You see, no matter how responsible and loving a pet owner may be (or in my case, rescuer and cosmic soul mate,) once in a while one of our animal buds will split and go astray. It happens to the best of us and now it has happened to me!!!

Apparently some of your way out scientists on earth have noticed.

The brown cloudy band, known as the South Equatorial Belt, or SEB, started fading late last year, NASA said in a story on its website.

“But I certainly didn’t expect to see it completely disappear,” said amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley of Australia. “Jupiter continues to surprise.”

Orton says the belt may not be gone, just hidden under higher clouds.

“It’s possible,” he said on the NASA website, “that some ‘ammonia cirrus’ has formed on top of the SEB, hiding the SEB from view.”

On Earth, NASA says, white wispy cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals. On Jupiter, the same sort of clouds can form, but the crystals are made of ammonia instead of water.

On Earth, SEB is short for the Southern Equatorial Belt. It is construed as a large a cloud belt that covers the southern hemisphere of my pad.

FYI scientists on Earth, SEB is in fact, my beloved Bernese Mountain dog, Samuel Edward Barkington III.  SEB, or SEBBY for short.  He’s just too darn smart and has once again escaped from my lower hemisphere!!

I am worried.

Now the dudes at NASA are trying calm me down, pointing out that SEB is a wayward pet who always manages to go missing, but has always returned. They’re also tellin’ me to hang loose as they will be on constant watch until SEBBY comes back. And though they’re trying to get me to chillax, this chill pill ain’t going down easy, man. How am I supposed to meditate when SEBBY’s out there in the galaxy all alone, cold and hungry and wanting for some patented Jupiter belly rubs?

For all you space explorers out there, if you come across SEBBY, lure him to you with some Comet Tails (his favorite treat) and send me an emergency transmission.  In the meantime, for more info on SEB, please click here and dig this article from CNN.

Peace Out,


SEB as seen on Jupiter


May 18th, 2010

Tired of being a scruffy-looking nerf herder? Well finally, for all you Star Wars fangirls out there in the girlaxy, there is a new line of clothing and merchandise made specifically for you!

Her Universe is the first Stars Wars fashion collection made just for her. It is the creation of actress Ashley Eckstein who plays the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the animated series Stars Wars: The Clone Wars. “After four years of working on The Clone Wars, I have become a huge Star Wars fan and have noticed the rapidly increasing number of women who share my love for George Lucas’s amazing universe. Wanting to give these fans a voice and affirm that they play an important role in the world of Star Wars and science-fiction, we created the Her Universe brand especially for them.”

Described playfully as “geek chic,” this fem Star Wars line will be introduced at this years’ San Diego Comic-Con in July, and will also be available at the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida this August.

But if your hyperdrive is on the fritz, and you can’t make it to those conventions, you can still learn more by visiting the Her Universe website as well as checking out Ashley’s Her Universe Blog. In the meantime, check out the below pics of some clothing that will be available soon, modeled by Ashley herself.

End Communication… and may the Force be with you, always,



May 10th, 2010 has a just announced its latest, greatest, most fantastic new Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls promotion. When you buy a MWGG Galaxy Girl Doll online, you’ll receive the MWGG Book for free!!!

The Galaxy Girl Book was a huge seller at the LA Times Festival of Books and has been on the FAO Best Sellers list since its release back in November.

Written and illustrated by creator Lauren Faust, this book is your personal guide to the Girlaxy. Whether you’re traveling, social butterfly like Milky Way, or are a heartfelt dancer full of love like Venus, or cosmic punk rocker like Pluto, there is a Galaxy Girl out there who is just like you!

So buy your favorite doll, get the book, and finally have answered the question… What Planet Are You From??

Over and Out!

Mother Earth


May 6th, 2010


As this article at CNN will remind you, my fans should never look directly at me, the Sun, no matter how badly you want to ‘cause I’m just too darn hot! But there is one way that my millions of devoted fans can check me out, and that is by way of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO.

The SDO is called the Hubble Telescope made especially for yours truly. It is unique because it is capable of observing the entire Sun (me, in all its radiant glory), not just a specific section. And you would need specially designed space telescope to witness this sizzilin’ solar star in action.

Check out this CNN link and bare witness my glorious “solar image”.

Too hot to handle,

The Sun