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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Congratulations go to recruits Lilith Romig of Pottstown, PA; Ashley Thornton of Dover, NJ; and Lori Francz of Eden, NY!

These MWGG Space Cadets are the winners of the Milky Way Polar Fleece Chibi Contest! The Chibis have been shipped out at warp speed, and should be docking into their new homes shortly. Thanks again to everyone who entered.

Missed out on the contest? Bummed out you didn’t win? Well don’t get too bummed. More Interstellar Contests will be coming your way soon. So keep check back to the website and the blog for more contests, updates on the gGirls, and all that encompasses the ever expanding Girlaxy.

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Incoming transmission relay from MWGG Central Control…

Don’t forget that the Tshirt Sale/ Chibi Contest is still in full affect. 25% off on all Adult and Kid MWGG Tshirts will remain in Earth’s orbit for only two more weeks.

And remember, $15 worth of merchandise purchased at the MWGG Webstore (or purchase of MWGG Plush Doll at*) enters you into the Polar Fleece Chibi Contest. These chibis are hand-sewn by creator Lauren Faust and, with its own certificate of authenticity, will sure to become a girlactically rare collector’s item.

So don’t wait much longer. These summer savings wont last much long and these 3 Chibis need an intergirlactic planetary home.

* Those who purchase a doll at must send proof of purchase to Mother Earth to be entered into the contest.

For more info on the contest click here.

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Monday, May 10th, 2010 has a just announced its latest, greatest, most fantastic new Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls promotion. When you buy a MWGG Galaxy Girl Doll online, you’ll receive the MWGG Book for free!!!

The Galaxy Girl Book was a huge seller at the LA Times Festival of Books and has been on the FAO Best Sellers list since its release back in November.

Written and illustrated by creator Lauren Faust, this book is your personal guide to the Girlaxy. Whether you’re traveling, social butterfly like Milky Way, or are a heartfelt dancer full of love like Venus, or cosmic punk rocker like Pluto, there is a Galaxy Girl out there who is just like you!

So buy your favorite doll, get the book, and finally have answered the question… What Planet Are You From??

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Up-late… I mean, -date

Friday, February 8th, 2008

The benefit for Soren went wonderfully. Ultimately, the show raised $13,000!!! And it looks like Soren’s family will be able to buy a new minivan that’s already wheelchair accessable. Sayeth Amy, Soren’s mom:

“I cannot thank you all enough or express how much this will help our lives. Every time I load Soren into his car seat, it’s getting more challenging. I end up having to toss him in like a sack of potatoes, which is hardly pleasant for him. I’ve clocked his head against his chin, giving us both headaches. And loading his full wheelchair stroller into the back of my van has wrenched my back one too many times.

Soon we will have this van and a new wheelchair for Soren (though his wheelchair stroller is approved for car travel until then). My Mom’s brother is building a ramp at the front of our house next week, which is also being paid for by the Regional Center! So I’ll be able to just roll him down from the house and straight into the van.”

You can read more about it here at Soren’s blog. Be sure to check the most several recent posts, as they are all about the show.

All three of Craig’s pieces went, as did both of mine. The Winking Milky Way doll was purchased by an adorable little girl named Alison. Here she is:

**disclaimer– Sorry for the fuzzy pic. I do so love my IPhone to death, but it does not take good pictures at night. Oh well.**

And Craig and I came away with some great stuff…

The stereotypical horse-obsessed 8 year old in me flipped out when I saw this painting by cartoonist extraordinaire, Paul Rudish of Samurai Jack and Clone Wars fame. (among other amazing things.)

And Craig had to have this comic page by our friend, Chris Savino. It’s a sin that Chris isn’t published in the newspaper. It’s a sin he doesn’t have his own cartoon, for that matter.

Check out more great photos of the show at Chris Battle’s blog.

…and for anyone interested, there are still pieces for sale, and they are up on the Monkeyhouse site. The proceeds for these remaining pieces will go to Soren.

In other news, I got lots o’ sewing going on these days, so expect photos soon.

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Mother Earth

4 Soren

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Tomorrow evening, MonkeyhouseToys in Silverlake will be holding an Art AuctionSale to benefit Soren Rogers (brother of our talented fan artist , Moira Rogers) to help raise funds to make the family mini van wheel-chair accessible. Soren is a sweet little 5 year old who has been diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder that has caused him global developmental delay. (You can read all about his progress over the years at his blog.) The show will feature a ton of artists mostly from the animation community. I’m excited to see what will be available, and most likely I’ll be walking away with some pieces myself.

I’ll be contributing two pieces. The first of which is a brand new Milky Way doll with a new face! She’s signed and numbered, the first Winking Milky Way to be made. I haven’t decided yet if I will make anymore.

Here’s an extreme close up of the hand-embroidered goodness…

My second offering is the original sketch for the cover of the book, signed and dated.

My husband, Craig McCracken, will be offering 3 pieces. The first two are original inked drawings of his “Wander Over Yonder” character who was featured in a limited edition sketchbook at ComicCon last July.

And last but not least, Craig just finished this Foster’s Group Portrait especially for the auction

Everyone is welcome, and it’s going to an EXTREMELY good cause. For those of you who can’t make it, there will be the opportunity to bid online. I will update this post as soon as I get the right info.


I just got back from Monkeyhouse, and they gave me some new info. It turns out that the show is not, an auction and the pieces will be priced to sell. Mayra, the owner hopes to have the pics of all the pieces up on the site for anyone who wants to purchase but can’t make it. Any pieces that don’t sell at the show will remain in the store until they are, and all the proceeds will continue to go to Soren. Lastly, Mayra said that anyone making a purchase is free to pay more than the price if they’d like to make a bigger contribution for Soren.

Stay tuned: I’ll post again when the items are online. –ME


Over and out,
Mother Earth