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Galaxy Girl sighting in San Diego

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Allie before:

Maya before:

Pluto and Mars after!!

Thank you girls!!!!

Over and out,
Mother Earth

So long, farewell, al-vee-der-sane, adieu!

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

I am way too lazy to look up the correct spelling for al-vee-der-sane. I shame my German ancestry.

Anyway, I am off to the San Diego Comicon with my husband. He and I will be attending a few events in the name of Foster’s. Here’s our schedule if you’re interested. I will be passing out post cards, designed once again by my awesome brother, Jason.

And these three little ladies are off to Seattle.

There they will be displayed at the Plush You show at Schmancy in Seattle in October. These dolls will be the first I am offering for sale. Watch the Plush You blog in the coming months for more details. I’ll post updates here as well.

Over and out,
Mother Earth

Yay for Art Shows!

Saturday, July 15th, 2006

So the show was a lot of fun. Folks seemed to like my dolls, I only regret that I didn’t have enough to sell any of them. All my originals had to be sent to China and are probably being taken apart, so this is now the only set I have.

Here are some pictures!

My girls…

An adorable plush by Anna Chambers:

A beautiful paper sculpture by Megan Brain:

A hilarious Day of the Dead vignette by E. Pringle:

The peoples who came to see:

And specifically, two new Galaxy Girls!!
The Sun:

And Saturn!

Thanks to everyone who came and to all the well-wishers who couldn’t make it! Also, thanks to Cartoon Network for hosting the whole shebang! It was loads o’ fun!!

Over and Out,
Mother Earth

Thanks Mom!!!

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

My Mom quilted 40 wheels for me!! They turned out perfect!

In case you may be wondering what all this sewing has been for, the art of Megan Brain, Anna Chambers, Eric Pringle and myself will be featured in an art show in the lobby of Cartoon Network TOMORROW!! For the past several weeks, I had thought that the show was Monday the 17th, but somehow I’ve been operating with the wrong information. So Mom helping me out with these wheels is even more of a godsend than I thought!!

Wish me luck!

Over and out,
Mother Earth


Monday, July 10th, 2006

The retailer who will be stocking 4 of the Galaxy Girls this coming Christmas has asked if they could come with some extra goodies. First off, a bag to hold the goodies (which is in progress) and an alt. outfit. So, since I like to say that Milky Way and her friends do everything a fashion doll can do, only you can hug them, I decided to make that other outfit a pair of pajamas. You can sleep with your Galaxy Girl and won’t get your eye poked out by some dagger-like plastic arm!!

So this here is the prototype. My brother is designing patterns for the bottoms: stars for Milky, hearts for Venus, etc… I fear a made a mistake making the prototype tank top white. It just looks like underwear and people aren’t reacting well to it. Let me stress that the top will be a coordinating color, and I’m thinking of adding iron-on statements appropriate for each girl. “Lovely” for Venus, “Rockin’” for Pluto, “Far Out” for Jupiter, and “Stellar” for Milky. Maybe. I don’t know. It has ben suggested that I add a trim around the collar and/or hemline to cute it up, but in my exhausting trim searches, all I have have found would make the top too precious, or babyish. What do you think??

Over and out,
Mother Earth

little shoes

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Her are a bunch of Galaxy Girl shoes. The skates aren’t done yet— they’re hardly started even. I can’t begin to try to explain how difficult the white top-stitching on the Pluto shoes are. My sewing machine just doesn’t like top stitching, and I have no idea why. If I try to anchor the beginning or end of the stitch, my poor machine makes all these horrible crunching sounds, and when I look on the back of the fabric, there is a huge mess of knotted thread all over the place. I find it all very perplexing. I hope it didn’t damage my machine.

Coming soon: PAJAMAS!!

Over and out,

Mother Earth