SEB as seen from Earth

Dudes.  I’m afraid today’s post isn’t as groovy as usual.  You see, no matter how responsible and loving a pet owner may be (or in my case, rescuer and cosmic soul mate,) once in a while one of our animal buds will split and go astray. It happens to the best of us and now it has happened to me!!!

Apparently some of your way out scientists on earth have noticed.

The brown cloudy band, known as the South Equatorial Belt, or SEB, started fading late last year, NASA said in a story on its website.

“But I certainly didn’t expect to see it completely disappear,” said amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley of Australia. “Jupiter continues to surprise.”

Orton says the belt may not be gone, just hidden under higher clouds.

“It’s possible,” he said on the NASA website, “that some ‘ammonia cirrus’ has formed on top of the SEB, hiding the SEB from view.”

On Earth, NASA says, white wispy cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals. On Jupiter, the same sort of clouds can form, but the crystals are made of ammonia instead of water.

On Earth, SEB is short for the Southern Equatorial Belt. It is construed as a large a cloud belt that covers the southern hemisphere of my pad.

FYI scientists on Earth, SEB is in fact, my beloved Bernese Mountain dog, Samuel Edward Barkington III.  SEB, or SEBBY for short.  He’s just too darn smart and has once again escaped from my lower hemisphere!!

I am worried.

Now the dudes at NASA are trying calm me down, pointing out that SEB is a wayward pet who always manages to go missing, but has always returned. They’re also tellin’ me to hang loose as they will be on constant watch until SEBBY comes back. And though they’re trying to get me to chillax, this chill pill ain’t going down easy, man. How am I supposed to meditate when SEBBY’s out there in the galaxy all alone, cold and hungry and wanting for some patented Jupiter belly rubs?

For all you space explorers out there, if you come across SEBBY, lure him to you with some Comet Tails (his favorite treat) and send me an emergency transmission.  In the meantime, for more info on SEB, please click here and dig this article from CNN.

Peace Out,


SEB as seen on Jupiter

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