Making patterns is hard

I’m awaiting some special order fabric before I can finish Neptune. In the meantime, guess who I’m starting??? I had to do her hair 3 times before I got it right.

She’s the last doll, then it’s on to pets!!!

Over and out,
Mother Earth

3 Responses to “Making patterns is hard”

  1. Sean Lane Says:

    Is Neptune’s “special” fabric special because it is manufactured to withstand constant thousand-mile-an-hour wind speeds? :P

    I’m gonna guess….First Lady Bird! Er, I mean Mercury.

  2. Mohammed Says:

    Yeah, I was gonna say Mercury, but then that tag there was a dead giveaway.

    Say, speaking of Neptune, did you ever think of giving her a surfboard instead, or would have that taken too many materials on a per-doll basis?

  3. Stephen James. Says:

    Mercury is next. It’s ironic, I was just thinking about the concept of tidal lock in relation to astronomical bodies. I believe Mercury is tidal locked, and so is the moon.

    Hmm…the pets. I’m curious to see what those will look like when you make them. So far we’ve only seen drawings.

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